The Garden Path and the Lights of the Tea House

We developed a concept of “Exploring the Essential Value of Japan”, the essence of which centers on the hospitality of the tea ceremony, to create a relaxing and healing space to warmly welcome guests along the path and into our tea garden.
The soft glow of Japanese lanterns will light up your once-in-a-lifetime journey.
In a center of traditional Japanese culture, please experience a uniquely Kyoto-style world view and the finest hospitality.




Inspired by the hospitality of the “tea garden” culture and the path to the tea house, many lanterns have been installed to help transport you into the ambience of Kyoto. Let them guide you as you enjoy exploring the dimly-lit path and enjoy the travel sequence from the “tea garden” world; leaving the outside world behind, as if wending your way along a remote mountain trail.




Enjoy lantern illumination and a “toolbox” that comes complete with a snugly concealed tea set and fixtures which doubles up as a table. What we strove to express was “Yo no Bi”, the ‘beauty of functionality’ that reflects the Japanese value of finding beauty in the simplest of tools. Our suites, just like the lobby, feature an outdoor space inspired by the “tea garden”. There is no better spot in which to relax and simply enjoy the passing of time while admiring the garden view.



Matcha Green Tea and Zen Candy

Matcha Green Tea Brewed with Rokujo Water

Kyoto - also famous for its spring. On each date ending in a 6, enjoy a complimentary cup of finest matcha tea brewed using natural Rokujo water (6th, 16th and 26th, between 3-6pm). The tea we use is ‘Ryuohen Chaho’, beloved by San-Senke (schools of Japanese tea; omotesenke, urasenke, and mushakojisenke) and all who cherish Kyoto culture. Accompanied by its well-rounded millstone-ground flavor, enjoy the leisurely passing of “Kyoto time”.

Enjoy Zen Meditation Candy

The beautiful transparency of our local spring water goes into the exquisite and hotel-original ‘meditation candy’, complimentary for all guests as a ‘Zen candy’. Focus your attention, spend a few minutes meditating to an original soundtrack based on the natural sound of Kyoto spring water and enter the world of ‘Zen’. Look forward to an incomparable experience; unique to our hotel.



Coming soon

Kyoto travel...
Learn about Zen, then delve deep into the world

We have prepared an original app exclusively
for staying guests sampling the “Zen candy” program.


Kyoto Zen trip, inner journey

Packed with Kyoto tourist insights! Why not sample Zen and Zen temple visits for yourself?




Start the day with our breakfast spread: a hearty soup served up from a large pot with Kyoto clay-pot-cooked white rice, authentic Kyoto ‘obanzai’, seasonal Japanese dishes and pickles, all served buffet-style. For teatime, why not enjoy Japanese-style ‘wasanbon’ sugar or matcha sweets, then, with nightfall, discover our bar lounge. Enjoy a glass of matcha cocktail or domestic whisky, or sip Japanese sake from the Sasaki Shuzo brewery to sample Japanese desserts. Serving you a taste you’ll never forget on your travels.


Kyoto sightseeing

One of the inclusions in the World Heritage “Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto”, Nishi Honganji Temple and mere minutes away on foot lie the important cultural property of Higashi Honganji Temple and Shoseien Garden, a designated spot of natural scenic beauty. Enjoy the imposing temple architecture or simply a stroll in the Japanese garden.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Kinkakuji Temple

Nanzenji Temple

Kamo River

Byodoin Temple

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest



Hotel Overview

Name Oriental Hotel Kyoto Rokujo
Opening date November 1, 2019
Guestroom Overview Total rooms 166
Non-smoking / Smoking Non-smoking rooms only
Internet Wi-Fi (only within building)
Room types Dimensions Maximum
Bed size
Standard twin / Japanese room 18.6m2 2 persons 110cm X 195cm
Standard twin / Western-style room 18.6m2 2 persons 110cm X 195cm
Superior twin / Japanese room 21.0m2 2-3 persons 110cm X 195cm
Superior twin / Western-style room 21.0m2 2-3 persons 110cm X 195cm
Deluxe twin / Japanese room 25.4m2 2-3 persons 110cm X 195cm
Deluxe twin / Western-style room 25.4m2 2-3 persons 110cm X 195cm
Standard double / Japanese room 15.8m2 2 persons 140cm X 195cm
Standard king / Japanese room 15.0m2 2 persons 180cm X 195cm
Superior king / Japanese room 18.6m2 2 persons 180cm X 195cm
Superior king / Western-style room 18.6m2 2 persons 180cm X 195cm
Deluxe king / Western-style room 24.2m2 2 persons 180cm X 195cm
Junior corner suite 39.8m2 2-3 persons 140cm X 195cm
Corner suite 42.6m2 2-3 persons 140cm X 195cm
Universal twin 25.3m2 2 persons 100cm X 195cm
Equipment / Supplies Internet wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), IC card security, TV (43 inches or more), Alarm clock, refrigerator (empty), safe, night light, minus-ion hair dryer, TV system, ion-generating humidifying air cleaner, electric kettle, stand mirror, shoehorn
Guestroom supplies Bath towel, face towel, nightwear, toothbrush set, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, disposable slippers for guest rooms
Check-in 15:00
Check-out 11:00
Restaurant 82 seats (Breakfast 7:00-10:00 / Cafe / Lounge 18:00-22:00)



181 Bokumikanabutsucho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8333 Japan
Kyoto Municipal Subway, Gojo Station on the Karasuma Line, a 9-minute walk from Exit 4