Introducing some of the items available at our gift shop

● Braided cords, a Kyoto traditional craft These eyeglass straps are popular for their braided appearance as well as the unique luster and lightness of silk. Instead of feeling cold against your neck, they convey a gentle warmth. They’re also light, so they don’t subject your shoulders or neck to unneeded stress.

● These unique tea containers from Showen Kumihimo are wound by experienced craftsmen from a single strand of silk. They’re made by coating a steel can with twisted silk string. Because they are made one at a time by hand, they feature the beautiful luster of silk thread in a spiral pattern along with the gentle texture of the material.


Our restaurant Onza is now open.

Start the day with our breakfast spread: a hearty soup served up from a large pot with Kyoto clay-pot-cooked white rice, authentic Kyoto ‘obanzai’, seasonal Japanese dishes and pickles, all served buffet-style. In the evenings, enjoy matcha from Ryuoen Tea Store, a favorite of discerning Kyoto intellectuals, along with original Japanese-style sweets, or pair Japanese sake from leading Kyoto brewery Sasaki Shuzo or Japanese whiskey with Japanese-style sweets.