7:00 am~10:00 am (last order 9:30 am)

A memorable "taste" experience of the trip.

We offer a buffet-style meal with, among other delicacies, freshly cooked white rice grown in Kyoto, miso soup with abundant ingredients, and Nanzenji Temple tofu made by a long-established local tofu shop. You can also enjoy a contemporary “Japanese” breakfast with Kyoto obanzai-style (homecooked comfort food), deli salads, Kobe High Curry, and Japanese sweets.

Delicious Kyoto rice grown in mountainous of rice paddies filled with crystal-clear water. The star of the breakfast is white rice, cooked slowly to highlight its flavor and soft consistency. Enjoy its flavorful taste, or savor it in your own way with savory toppings and hot green tea/fish broth (ochazuke) or Kobe High Curry.

”Nanzenji Temple tofu”, made by a long-established local tofu shop, uses carefully selected Japanese soybeans. This is to ensure that their customers can indulge in the natural sweetness of the soybeans even after they become tofu. The white miso soup made with Saikyo miso that originated in Kyoto, is accented with pureed taro and lotus root to highlight the proper consistency and mellow sweetness. Our head chef offers this white rice for your enjoyment as a gesture of hospitality. Breads are from Shinshindo, a long-established Kyoto bakery that opened its doors in 1913. An abundance of Kyoto is included in our breakfast.

There is a full line-up of Japanese sweets to create your own unique assortment. This new sensation of yogurt topped with jam and fruit compote, gently sandwiched between freshly made crispy monaka (thin crisp wafers) to taste it. Our Japanese confectionaries include dorayaki (a Japanese red bean pancake) with "all-you-can-eat" ample sweet red bean paste, warabi mochi (a sweet jelly-like mochi made of bracken starch) dressed with brown sugar syrup and "Fu"rench toast made with fu (gluten). Welcome your morning with our Japanese sweets! We offer delectable Japanese desserts for those with a sweet tooth!


2:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm *Hotel guests only

Under the theme of 'A Taste of Japanese Flavor Culture,' visitors can enjoy a variety of complimentary drinks and snacks, including Japanese soup stock, tea, and candy.

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