7:00 am~10:00 am (last order 9:30 am)

A memorable "taste" experience of the trip.

Japanese breakfast prepared in buffet style that includes rice produced in Kyoto and miso soup with Kyoto-style miso, Nanzenji tofu and others made by a local long-established tofu shop, Kyoto-syle obanzai, Japanese pickes, and so on. The rice that has been cooked carefully to bring out a soft stickiness and umami can be enjoyed not only in its original flavor, but also in your own favorite way, such as with tea poured on it (ochazuke), or as an appetizing chicken-and-egg dish (oyakodon) with soft and fluffy eggs. The miso soup has plenty ingredients, and the addition of taro and lotus root puree brings out the right amount of consistency and cozy sweetness. And to finish your breakfast, you can enjoy dorayaki with all-you-can-eat sweat bean pastes, and the Japanese-style sweet Monaka that can be arranged with a variety of ingredients that you can choose.


2:30 pm ~ 11:00 pm *Hotel guests only

Under the theme of 'A Taste of Japanese Flavor Culture,' visitors can enjoy a variety of complimentary drinks and snacks, including Japanese soup stock, tea, and candy.

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