A “Time Trip” Synonymous with Kyoto

Enjoy Zen Meditation Candy

Run your tongue across a piece of candy for 7 minutes. This candy lets you experience Zen by concentrating on licking it as you forget everything else.

Drop of Zen
How to use “Drop of Zen” candy
Drop of Zen is a candy made with the hotel’s famous natural water.

The hotel is located in an area that is blessed with natural groundwater.
Ample quantities of that water are used to prepare “Drop of Zen” candy.

By running your tongue across the candy, you can experience Zen.

Simply sit down wherever you like—for example, on the sofa or bed in your room—and slowly run your tongue across the candy.

Kyoto travel… Learn about Zen, then delve deep into the world

Kyoto Zen trip, inner journey

Packed with Kyoto tourist insights! Why not sample Zen and Zen temple visits for yourself?

This sightseeing app introduces Zen temples that you can use to explore Zen in Kyoto. It provides a trip guide for Zen in Kyoto that you can use to learn about, and deepen your understanding of, Zen. It introduces temples in Kyoto where you can experience Zen, learn about proper posture for Zen meditation, and find explanations of Zen terminology.